Chocolate Stands at Events and Special Occasions

Introduce an interactive chocolate stand to your event to add an element of surprise, fun and deliciousness for your guests! This works well at trade shows and networking events as well as an activity for employees to enjoy at conferences, away days and company events or for guests at a wedding or special birthday party.

Chocolate Dipping Stand

Guests choose from our selection of melted chocolates to pour into a mini cup and top with one (or more!) of the many treats and toppings on offer: from mini marshmallows, to fudge chunks and even crushed candy cane and gingerbread during the winter festive season.

We will also bring delicious extras such as fruit, pretzels and cookie pieces for guests to dip into molten chocolate! Yum!

Interactive Chocolate Stands for Special Occasions

Get your delegates involved in making their own chocolate lollipops to take home (if they last that long!). They can choose from white, dark or milk chocolates to pour out and create a lollipop which they can then decorate using a variety of toppings or even personalise using our piping bags and melted chocolate. A delicious and fun gift for guests to take away with them.

Dessert Stand

Why not bring in a dessert stand where people get the opportunity to create their own chocolates for dessert? Guests choose from a selection of filled truffles including fillings such champagne, salted caramel, whisky and praline as well as vegan options (you can customise your selection). They then dip their truffles into rich melted chocolate to coat them in a thick chocolatey shell. Keep it simple or be extra creative and use the variety of toppings on offer from rose sugar to rich dark cocoa to decorate and roll their chocolates.

Then take them back to their tables to show off, compare and indulge! This chocolate dessert stand is a great way to incorporate fun with a delicious dessert as the finishing touch to your special event.

Nice things people have said about our Chocolate Making Experiences

Nice things people have said about our Chocolates

What a great party idea! Vicki from Prescotts came and did a birthday party at our home for my daughter’s birthday. It was so much fun and the kids loved every part.

Thank you so much for an amazing party yesterday. Ava had a wonderful time and all the parents were very impressed with the quality and care you put into the event. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family.