Chocolate workshops – bringing out the best in kids!

children's chocolate making birthday party

So it never ceases to delight me how creative and adventurous children can be when it comes to using chocolate. Even at the tender age of 8 and 9 they mix and match flavours, ingredients oils and essences and come up with some pretty good results! Ginger and mint worked brilliantly! Might be using that one, Sam! We encourage the more tentative chocolatieres to experiment and they have come up with some lovely, more subtle flavours. There are of course occasions when it doesn’t work, but if it doesn’t work first time…

It also amazes me how even the most apprehensive of children (or those who might not want to be there in the first place i.e. the reluctant sibling) do come out of themselves. There is always something that gets them going. Often, we have groups where the children don’t all know each other but find a common language when working with chocolate. It’s a joy to watch, even with the prospect of the cleaning up to follow! Thank you to all the lovely people who have attended our workshops and parties.